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Illegibilus: Hannah Edeson (old) by Nyxione Illegibilus: Hannah Edeson (old) by Nyxione


Revamped again lmfao :iconlaughsplz:
Updated lots of things! Yay character development :iconmingplz:

Old designs:


NAME: Hannah Edeson

AGE: 16

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5"5' ft / 168 cm

WEIGHT: 105 lbs / 48 kg



ETHNICITY: 50% Japanese, 25% French, 25% British | 100% Pureblood

HOUSE: Ravenclaw

YEAR: 5th





CORE Dragon Heartstring
LENGTH: 13 inches
WOOD: Black Walnut



• Counterspell - Finite Incantatem, Finite, or Nonverbal
Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect. Though taught at an early age, the actual effects of this spell are heavily dependent on the power and skill of the wizard casting it - it is widely used in everything from dueling to medicine, but has relatively limited utility to novices.

• Protego - The Shield Charm causes minor to strong jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker, or at least prevents them from having their full effect. It can also cause a shield to erupt from the caster's wand.

• Levitation Charm - Wingardium Leviosa
A basic charm mainly used for instruction purposes that causes an object to levitate at the caster's discretion. Very skilled wizards sometimes find creative uses for it.

• Stunning Spell - Stupefy, Checui, or Musphasqa
Debate rages as to whether this is a charm, a jinx, or a hex - but it is considered one of the basic dueling spells. It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.

• Summoning Charm - Accio, Invito, or Yaoqing
Summons an inanimate object to the caster. Objects held by someone else are generally impossible to summon in this manner.


• Colour-Changing Charm - Unknown
Used to change the color of an object. Some wizards also use it for cosmetic purposes.

• Scouring Charm - Scourgify or Caxiyi
Vigorously cleans the target - which can be a living creature, though this is considered somewhat cruel.

• Flagrate - Flagrate
Creates fiery marks in the wake of a wand - can be used to leave markings or writing on objects or in the air.

• Lumos Charm - Lumos, Lianglang, or Chhalla
Creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered.



Growing up Hannah was taught to be a good girl. Respecting others, showing kindness, being helpful and honest was something her parents profusely believed in and supported. This is usually how Hannah approaches others.

Being home-schooled since she was a toddler Hannah doesn't have much experience socializing with people other than her parents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Therefore she doesn't really know how to react or what to do in certain kind of situations. Not knowing about certain things, she can be very gullible, able to believe anything a person tells her unless her own logic tells her otherwise. This makes for some childish behavior like, sudden excitement, optimism and fantasizing about stuff.

The traits which placed her into the Ravenclaw house. Hannah gets really serious when it comes to achieving her goals, learning about the magical world, doing assignments. She takes her stay at Hogwarts very serious and is really studious when it comes to learning new things she likes. Often reading, studying, preparing for future classes. She's your big nerd.

The usual cute clumsy girly traits. She can get really blushy when embarrassed and shy around people she doesn't know or people she likes.

Fond of sports because of her father she can act quite tomboyish at times. She is quite confident about herself when it comes to sports and can be super stubborn when showing her weaknesses. Even to the point of becoming rebellious and harsh when she is profusely against doing something or when disliking or hating someone.

There are times when Hannah can be completely blunt, saying or asking things on her mind she shouldn't say or can easily be misunderstood. Her honesty sometimes does come off as quite blunt since she can say things that are inappropriate. Especially when she's in a bad mood or when around rude people.

Sadly she can be dim-witted at times because of her social awkwardness or when dealing with situations that are new or unfamiliar to her, but fortunately her brightness makes up for that, balancing the two out.




When Hannah was a newborn her real parents abandoned her, leaving her on the front door of a young British couple. The young couple, Claire and Tim were having trouble conceiving their own child because of fertility reasons. It came as a big surprise to them to hear a crying baby outside. They first thought it might be some kind of serial killer but Tim manned up and went to check it out, finding a real baby at their front door and no serial killer.

As soon as possible the young couple reported it to the police, who had no records of the young girl at all. Doctors could tell she was barely four months old and quite underfed. The authorities didn't see any problem in letting the young Claire and Tim take in the small orphan by adoption. Believing it was God’s will, God’s gift to them, they raised her up lovingly and spoiled her whenever they could.

When their little girl one day came back from kindergarten all dirty and hurt they decided to homeschool her onwards her childhood. To protect her. “What happened to you, Hannah?” Claire asked worryingly. “They said I am different, Mommy. I look different. They said I have ugly hair and don’t belong here. Is something wrong with me, Mommy?” Hannah replied crying. “No, my love. You are beautiful. Don’t listen to anything they said to you.”

Growing up Hannah got quite bored at home being homeschooled and started to throw tantrums. Because of that her mom taught her how to cook when Hannah showed interest in it. Hannah enjoyed the cooking a lot and it expanded her interest into food and baking. When she showed interests for sports her father was delighted because of course he would of loved to have a son he could share that interest with, but now his daughter was going to quench that thirst. He started to teach her about sports and they often practiced in their backyard, inviting uncles and family friends over to play along. Being introduced to baseball Hannah instantly fell in love with the sport and started to behave more like tomboy. Keeping her hair short since it was more comfortable and wearing lots of baggy and sporty clothes.


Hogwarts letter:

At the age of 11, Hannah found out she could slightly move objects with her mind if she concentrated enough. It would just be some harmless shaking of the object, she couldn't actually lift the object, only making them slide for barely half an inch. It surprised her at first but as weeks passed she started to love doing it. However, it was very tiring to do so and she never really thought about it and neither did she tell her parents.

One day a strange man knocked on their door holding a letter from Hogwarts. Claire and Tim knew that there was something different, something special about Hannah. At the age of 6 she was already showing signs of moving objects with her mind, but it was rather faint and they didn't want to believe it was caused by their adopted daughter. Hannah however was intrigued by the idea of learning magic and so she begged her parents to let her go there. Sadly frowning upon her and each other, they sighed and gave in to her wish. She was their lovely spoiled little girl after all.


Years at Hogwarts:

Hannah's first few years at Hogwarts were very magical but lonely. She didn't know how to interact with others, aside from grown up people. Often got mistaken for a boy she wasn't really too fond of socializing and rather interacted with animals or stayed by herself. After all, she loved to learn about magic and focused rather on her studies as well. This caused the girl to become unknown, a stranger to most and bullied mostly by Slytherins. It all changed when Hannah became older, her features appearing more ladylike and taking matters in own hand to grow out her hair and wear more girly clothing.

Finally in her fourth year at Hogwarts she started to slowly make friends. It took Hannah a while to learn more social abilities and knowledge to deal with situations. Most of them self-taught by reading novels, magazines or watching shows on TV; experienced by herself while at Hogwarts or advised by her family and friends. However, the bullying didn't stop, but the girl slowly became more confident in her own abilities.


Important events:

The Blood Moon

At the Blood Moon trip Hannah showed a courageous side she had never thought she possessed. She kept a brave front for the sake of others, for friends she had just made. Soon after the acromantula attack she felt relieved but couldn't hold in much longer, her fear for spiders increasing severely.

Getting attacked by an anglerfish didn't exactly make matters better for her, but luckily there was a brave soul around, saving her from the anglerfish. Feeling blessed she returned to the camp with her newfound hero and another friend, oh and also a sprained ankle. Hiding her sprained ankle from the rest of the people at the camp to not be a bother to them she thought she was done for when their camp got attacked by inferi. Braving up she helped to defend the camp by using Lumos when finally professors came to fend of the undead. The nights close after the trip were filled with horrible night terrors strangely more about the inferi than about the acromantulas.


We're family.
Visiting home Hannah suddenly was called down. "Hannah? Sweetie? Could you...come downstairs for a bit?" Claire asked with a shaky voice once walking into her room. "Mom? What's wrong? Did something happen?" she asked worried over her mother's expression. Taking a moment to think it over Claire nodded. "Someone...came to visit you." she explained. "Actually...your fathe-, T-Tim and I never told you this before..." she tucked the hair behind Hannah's ear looking saddened. Hannah started to feel anxious, this wasn't going to be something good, was it? Keeping silent, she waited for her mother to continue speaking. Did someone they knew perhaps pass away? "Hannah...we're not your real parents..." Blinking she swallowed. "I...I think I kind of figured that a few weeks ago actually." Claire widened her eyes. "Of course you're a smart girl after all." she caressed Hannah's cheek gently, her expression softening up. "There are two people here though. A man and a may want to meet them. They are claiming to be your parents..." Hannah's eyes widened.

Walking down the stairs, edging closely behind Claire she peered from behind her walking into the living room. The woman strangely resembled Hannah, looked delighted to see her. The man also looked up when they walked in. An awkward introduction later Hannah raised an eyebrow. "Apart from the resemblance in appearance, how would you prove I am your daughter?" she asked skeptically. Yuina and Victor looked towards each other, thinking momentarily before Yuina recalled something. "You should have a V-shaped birthmark between your shoulder blades." Hannah raised her eyebrows, looking towards Claire. Claire nodded, meaning that she did have a V-shaped birthmark in the middle of her shoulder blades. Hannah didn't know what to say anymore. She did trust Claire and Tim, she'd believe anything they said. Victor noticed the hardship on Hannah's face, with a reassuring smile he said: "We'd love to get to know you better Hannah...and to do that, please feel free to ask us any question's you'd like." Claire, sat beside Tim, gave a reassuring smile at Hannah as well. "Hannah, do you want us to leave you three alone?" Hannah shook her head quickly and held onto Claire and Tim's hands. Turning her head back to Yuina and Victor she swallowed, starting to barrage her questions on to them.

 Yuina was 16 years old while Victor had been 17 when they got pregnant of her. Being so young they weren't capable of taking care of the baby themselves. Besides being pressured by Yuina's parents they decided to quietly leave Hannah in the hands of Claire, whom Yuina had seen several times at the hospital in the obstetrics wing. Yuina's old-fashioned parents didn't support the young couple since they were much too young and Yuina was going at it with a white man, which was going against their ethics. Getting pregnant at such a young age and ending up with a grand-daughter, and not a grand-son they rejected the baby girl and their parents even more. Desperate, the two cast a Obliviate charm on her, erasing any images and memories out of the babies mind and left her at Claire and Tim's front door with a letter asking them to take care of her.

 Spending some time at Yuina, Victor and Mamoru's place she found out how despicable and old-fashioned her grandfather really was. Her grandfather would always say hurtful things concerning her gender, her and Victor's ethnicity and how outrageous Yuina's decisions had been. To alleviate herself Hannah found joy in several things, like music; Gorillaz, food, puzzles and documentaries about Africa and their animals. Slowly she started to show how stubborn she really was and turned rebellious against her vicious grandfather.

I miss you, Gem...
At the age of 9 Hannah heard one of her uncle’s ermines had babies. Excited as she was she begged her parents if they could go see them. Agreeing to her wish they visited the nest of baby ermines. Eyes sparkling Hannah basically glued herself to the floor their entire visit gawking over the cute babies

squirming around. Her uncle chuckled. "How about you pick your favorite, hm?" Hannah's eyes sparkled even more, she jumped cheering excitedly, wrapping her arms around her uncles neck. "Thank you, Uncle David!" Crouching back down at the nest she felt one particular ermine calling out to her. Picking that one ermine she decided to call him Gem. Growing up together was such a blast. Both being fond of each other and basically becoming inseparable they went on their way to Hogwarts together.

 Perhaps rebelling against her grandfather had been a bad idea. When Hannah returned home she couldn't find Gem. Worried she looked around the house since he didn't respond when she called his name. "Die, you filthy rodent!" Followed by a flash coming from another room. Rushing inside the room she saw Gem lying on the floor, breathing heavily. "Good riddance." Her grandfather barked while propping his wand away with a proud smirk. "You murderer!" Rushing over to Gem she crouched next to him, not daring to touch him. "How could you?! You damned old cow!" Scooping Gem off the floor she left the room and barged inside to her room and started packing her bags. Yuina walked in worriedly after hearing the noise she was making. "Hannah, what are you doing? Where are you going?"

Clenching her teeth together all that time she finally unlocked her jaw. "I'm leaving! That old geezer is bloody insane!" she yelled loudly while stuffing clothes into a pack. "Shh! He'll hear you!" Yuina tried to calm her down. "That was exactly my intention." Hannah growled angrily. "Will you just slow down a minute here? Tell me what happened..." Yuina begged her. Yuina's eyes then fell upon the half-dead ermine on the bed. "Oh...Hannah. I'm so sorry..." Hannah turned to her. "It's not your fault... I just need to get out of here. I can't stay here for a second longer. Not in HIS house." Turning to the bed she wrapped Gem up in a towel, threw her pack on and walked past the saddened Yuina. "He wasn't half as bad to you than he was to me..." she muttered. Skidding to a stop Hannah swallowed, she could believe it without any hesitation. "I know. I'm sorry. I'll speak to you...soon." she said before continuing to leave the place.

Sticking her key inside the keyhole she turned the key but stopped moving when she heard Gem squeak at her. Gazing down upon Gem she knew there was nothing they could do anymore. Taking a seat in front of the door she cupped Gem in her arms, softly petting his head. "I'm so sorry, Gem. Door suddenly opening, Claire had seen her, "Hannah? Tim! Hannah is here!" she yelled. Tim rushed over to Claire's side. "Mom? Dad?" Hannah looked up with teary eyes. Eyes falling upon the dead ermine half wrapped in a towel in Hannah's arms Tim spoke: "Hannah! Bloody hell, what happened?" Tears now

rolling down her face she answered: "H-He just my arms! I-I hate him! He killed Gem!" she sobbed. They instantly knew who she was talking about since Hannah had told her exactly what kind of person her grandfather was. Claire and Tim both sat down on each of her side, hugging her tightly as Hannah cried her eyes out still holding tightly upon Gem, unwilling to let go of him.


A new friend
Sitting on the old wooden swing next to a big tree in a grass field she looked up at the sky. It had been several days now since they buried Gem. She was still saddened by what had happened. Angry at the person who griefed her she sighed again and again. She hadn't spoken to Yuina or Victor either since they only reminded her of that bloody old cow. Hearing a bird chirping in panic she looked up and around her. Where was it coming from? Following the sound she found a young bird who appeared to have hurt it's leg and got caught in some chicken wire. Crouching down to it the bird looked frightened. "'s ok. I won't hurt you." she smiled reassuring and spoke in a hushed tone. The bird cocked her head watching her, but calmed down after seeing Hannah's smile. "Let me help you." she slowly edged her hand closer to the young bird as to not frighten it and let it hurt herself.

Prying at the chicken wire with her fingers she managed to release the bird, but it had hurt it's leg and her left wing. Silently she held her hand open in front of the bird. Again, cocking her head she clumsily hopped towards Hannah's hand. Convinced that the bird trusted her she took the bird in her hands and brought it back home. Taking it to the vet and nursing it's wound back at home she decided to name her Ruby because of her red chest and head. Doing some research on the bird she found out that it was a Common Linnet and most likely fell to the ground when trying to fly for the first time. The bird was quite young and hungry. According to her research the birds ate flax seeds and so Hannah rushed to the stores and bought some flax seeds to feed the hungry bird. Nursing the bird back to health she was to give the bird her freedom back. The bird however got attached to Hannah and wouldn't leave for more than two hours. Whenever Hannah walked outside it would fly over to her. Whenever she was inside it would tap it's beak against the glass windows wanting to go inside, to her. Quickly the bird wouldn't leave her side anymore.



Claire Marie Edeson | F | 39 | Adoption Mother | British | Muggle

Tim Edeson | M| 41 | Adoption Father | British | Muggle

Yuina Rousseau | F | 33 | Biological Mother | Japanese | Pureblood

Victor Rousseau | M | 34 | Biological Father | 50% French, 50% British | Pureblood

Mamoru Murasaki | M | 56 | Biological Grandfather (mother's side) | Japanese |Pureblood

Tsubasa Murasaki | F | Deceased | Biological Grandmother (mother's side) | Japanese | Pureblood



• Baseball

• Sports

• Rubik’s cubes

• Puzzles

• Gorillaz (the band)

• Food junkie

• Cooking

• Upbeat and rock music

• Scenery

• Magical world

• Africa

• Animals

• Birds

• Herbology

• Potions

• Strawberry tea

• Drawing



• Bugs

• Bullies

• Snow

• Thunder

• Death

• Yamato Murasaki

• Slackers

• Crowds

• Getting embarrassed



• Study of Ancient Runes

• Care of Magical Creatures

• Alchemy


• Art

• Hogwarts orchestra



Name: Gem (Deceased)

Species: Ermine

Gender: Male

Personality: Curious | Affectionate | Protective | Kind | Brave | Smart | Obedient



NAME: Ruby

SPECIES: Common Linnet (Carduelis cannabina)

GENDER: Female

PERSONALITY: Songbird | Affectionate | Motherly maternal | Flirty | Gluttonous



• Has glasses but doesn't really wear them since only one eye has a really low prescription. Usually  needs them when she strains her eyes for too long, when having to read far away, in the dark or when tired.

• Charmed her hair blonde once but was forced to change it back by her grandfather.

• Has an old triangle shaped scar on the inside of her lower left arm near her elbow.

• Has a V-shaped birthmark between her shoulder blades.

• Strong at defensive and utility spells, weaker at offensive spells

• Racks some muscle power in her arms thanks to baseball.

• Wishes to become a professional baseball player one day, to go to a Gorillaz concert and to visit Africa



• Blood Moon Badge 2014

• 1000 House Points


Relationships / Impressions:…


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